FIVE tips to have the PERFECT morning

I am not a morning person but I also don't like waking up late or having to rush because that really doesn't put me in a good mood which is not the way I want to start my day. Today I wanted to share with you five tips that I personally do that help me get that perfect morning.

1. The Night Before
So starting off with the night before, make sure to get everything ready. Whether its your clothes or your bag for the day, this way in the morning you will avoid rushing or stressing out. If you are not sure what to wear then take a couple of outfits out and then chose in the morning. When I say get your outfit ready I literally mean everything even your socks. As for your bag, depending on what your doing that day get the things you need and put them into your bag so you don't forget anything. Doing this will help you also get a good nights sleep as you will have nothing in your mind.

2. Alarm
Set your alarm a little earlier (about 15 mins) so you don' t have to get up straight away. Take this time to stretch or meditate or whatever you want to do and then you can start your day. If you want you could also go for a run or do a mini workout. Do whatever you feel is important to you.

3. Make your bed
Simple things such as making your bed when you wake up can make a difference to your day (I swear I'm not being dramatic). The last thing you want to do is come home after a long day to a messy bed. The same goes for your room, clean it the day before so in the morning you wake up to a clean space.

4. Eat Breakfast
I can not stress this point enough. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a lot of people even children sadly miss out on it because 'they don't have enough time' or 'they feel sick after having breakfast'. This is what's going to get you through the day so you can't really focus properly if you are going on an empty stomach. Get yourself used to eating something in the mornings and you will notice a change in your day. Try to also drink a cup of water.

5. Smile!
Very cheesy, I know. But smiling releases endorphines which make us happy (even if its a fake smile). You are in charge of your day and you are the only one that can change your own mood.

Hope these tips helped, please share your tips down below.

Thank you,
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