FIVE things that made me happy

So I've decided to include something positive into my blog because I feel like its easy to focus on negative things that happen in life and not really appreciate the great things however small or big they are. I will try and include something like this every week even if its a short post. 

1. Spending time with family
I love spending time with my family, its very important to me. We always have a great time and have a lot of fun. 

2. Helping a stranger
I am starting to become a little more confident. I never used to speak to random strangers or interact with others, but a couple of days ago a women wasn't sure of where she was going so I helped her out. This made me really happy because seeing someone else smile for doing something so simple is the best thing ever.

3. Receiving a compliment
I don't often get compliments but when I do of course it makes me happy. I was told from a friend that my eye lashes were nice (even though I think they are pretty non existence) but I still take the compliment and that also boosts my confidence.

4. Having a Subway
I love my food so when I get hungry I'm quite moody, soo you can imagine how glad I was when I was finally able to sit down and eat my subway meal.

5. Painting my nails
Theres nothing I love more than pampering myself, I love painting my nails because I feel like it makes my fingers instantly more visually pleasing.

So these are a few things I wanted to share with you that made me happy and I hope you join me too and share what made you happy recently. Leave your comments below and make sure to also leave your blog and I would love to check it out.

Thank you,
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