Book Haul

My first ever book haul and I'm really excited. I only have three books to show you but they are worth a haul alone. Usually I wouldn't really spend money on books as I haven't really been reading much but I really miss it so have to get back into that.

So I went into 'The Works' which sells books and crafts at affordable prices, and was just looking around and then spotted the Neal's Yard Remedies book and when I saw the price I instantly had to get it. This was reduced from £16 to only £6. That is a complete steal. This book has many different things in it but it mainly focuses on herbs, so many different herbs for different things, at home remedies as the name itself says it. It is very useful and I'm already learning a lot from it. This also has a smoothie section, different salads, smoothies, fruit bars, soups, how to make face/body masks. Many many useful things, everything is natural and can be made at home. I am soo excited and can't wait to make something out of the book.

Then I spotted these two books which were next to each other, both caught my eyes so wanted to pick them up as well. I'm really happy I did because its something different for me. Hopefully if they turn out to be amazing books I will do a review on them or feature them on a favourites.

What book are you currently reading? Share it in the comments down below.

Thank you for reading,
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