Kiko Cosmetics Haul + Review

Hello Everyone,

So I placed an order on the Kiko Cosmetics website when a fellow blogger (UmmBaby) informed me they had offers...

 I purchased a mixture of different things that caught my eyes. The eye shadows were for ONLY £2.50 so I picked four colours, three of which are shimmery; green (259), blue (409) and purple (232). The orange one is matte and is in the number 207, this colour was not what I expected it to be, it is definitely more on the red tone but I still love it.

The eye shadows are very buttery and feel amazing on the skin. I personally don't think they are very pigmented but they are very easy to build up which I like because sometimes I like to have more of a subtle look and if I want to make the eyeshadow more intense then I just build it up. They are very easy to work with and blend out which is great for anyone who is just starting out with eye shadows.

I purchased a smart lipstick in the number 914 and it's a very gorgeous purple shade. Its not as dark as it looks but its a beautiful colour. The smell of this product...OMG I'm obsessed! It smells amazing and the texture of it is so soft and it literally glides on smoothly on my lips. One thing I have to say as well is that this lipstick can be very messy, I find it gets on anything so you have to be careful.

I wasn't going to purchase a lip liner but it was very cheap so I decided to add it to my basket. The smart lip pencil is in the number 712 and it's a really nice nude colour. I can't get away wearing this on its own as it is a little bit too light for me but I would definitely use this to fill in my lips rather than line it. This is also very easy to work with and it stays put.

I also purchased a liquid liner which is actually for my sister so I haven't tried it out (not a big fan of liquid liners).

With my purchase I received a free gift which is the lip protector with SPF 20 which is so handy and really nice of them.
So that's the end of my haul, I would definitely recommend checking out Kiko, they have offers quite a lot from what I've heard and its very affordable. If you have tried any of their products that you love I would love to know what they are.

Thank you,

5 comments on "Kiko Cosmetics Haul + Review"
  1. I haven't ever tried any KiKO products apart from their foundation which in all honesty I found really drying. I really like that lip colour thou so i might get it considering it is so affordable.

    I'm running a giveaway on my blog if you haven't seen it yet!

    1. I've never tried the foundation but thank you for letting me know :), I think you should definitely try the lipstick its really nice!
      I've entered your giveaway!!