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Skincare for me is very important and I love browsing around on the internet searching and finding out new things that are good for the skin. Here are a few skincare tips that I wanted to share with you, some might be obvious but I thought I should still include them. Enjoy!

1. To achieve a smooth base I would suggest exfoliating to get rid of anything that is on your skin.

2. Everyone should moisturiser regardless of what skin type you have, also don't forget to take it down onto your neck.

3. Use sun protection (SPF) at all times, even during winter (you never know when the UV rays will hit your face). There are plenty of creams with SPF included which is great.

4. After washing your face make sure to pat your skin dry with a towel, do not rub!

5. Make up wipes won't get rid of all your make up so make sure to either use a face wash, exfoliate or what I personally do is use a cleanser and I'm always amazed at how much make up was still on my face.

6. Avoid dry lips by exfoliating every night to achieve soft lips the next morning. There are plenty of easy DIY's online that you could choose from.

7. One quick way you can combat puffiness under the eyes is by placing two spoons inside the freezer overnight and in the morning take them out and place under your eyes.

8. Don't forget to put a mask on your face at least once a week just to treat your skin.

9. If you don't have eye cream then just use your moisturiser and put extra cream under your eyes.

10. Tea tree oil is the best thing to use to get rid of spots.

11. Use rosewater as a toner. It has so many benefits, it freshens your skin as well hydrates it. I love it and used to use it religiously as part of my skincare routine.

I hope you guys enjoyed and this was beneficial. If you have any skincare tips comment below I would love to hear them.

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