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NYE Make Up Look: Glam Eyes+Nude Lips

New Years is around the corner so I thought I would share a make up look that's glam and appropriate for this occasion. Since the eyes are quite dramatic I chose to stick to nude lips but of course you can change the lip colour to something you prefer. Details and links of products is below the picture.

B.Even Oil Control Foundation
EyeCandy Eyelashes in 006

Till Next Time...

FIVE tips to have the PERFECT morning

I am not a morning person but I also don't like waking up late or having to rush because that really doesn't put me in a good mood which is not the way I want to start my day. Today I wanted to share with you five tips that I personally do that help me get that perfect morning.

1. The Night Before
So starting off with the night before, make sure to get everything ready. Whether its your clothes or your bag for the day, this way in the morning you will avoid rushing or stressing out. If you are not sure what to wear then take a couple of outfits out and then chose in the morning. When I say get your outfit ready I literally mean everything even your socks. As for your bag, depending on what your doing that day get the things you need and put them into your bag so you don't forget anything. Doing this will help you also get a good nights sleep as you will have nothing in your mind.

2. Alarm
Set your alarm a little earlier (about 15 mins) so you don' t have to get up straight away. Take this time to stretch or meditate or whatever you want to do and then you can start your day. If you want you could also go for a run or do a mini workout. Do whatever you feel is important to you.

3. Make your bed
Simple things such as making your bed when you wake up can make a difference to your day (I swear I'm not being dramatic). The last thing you want to do is come home after a long day to a messy bed. The same goes for your room, clean it the day before so in the morning you wake up to a clean space.

4. Eat Breakfast
I can not stress this point enough. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a lot of people even children sadly miss out on it because 'they don't have enough time' or 'they feel sick after having breakfast'. This is what's going to get you through the day so you can't really focus properly if you are going on an empty stomach. Get yourself used to eating something in the mornings and you will notice a change in your day. Try to also drink a cup of water.

5. Smile!
Very cheesy, I know. But smiling releases endorphines which make us happy (even if its a fake smile). You are in charge of your day and you are the only one that can change your own mood.

Hope these tips helped, please share your tips down below.

Thank you,

Book Haul

My first ever book haul and I'm really excited. I only have three books to show you but they are worth a haul alone. Usually I wouldn't really spend money on books as I haven't really been reading much but I really miss it so have to get back into that.

So I went into 'The Works' which sells books and crafts at affordable prices, and was just looking around and then spotted the Neal's Yard Remedies book and when I saw the price I instantly had to get it. This was reduced from £16 to only £6. That is a complete steal. This book has many different things in it but it mainly focuses on herbs, so many different herbs for different things, at home remedies as the name itself says it. It is very useful and I'm already learning a lot from it. This also has a smoothie section, different salads, smoothies, fruit bars, soups, how to make face/body masks. Many many useful things, everything is natural and can be made at home. I am soo excited and can't wait to make something out of the book.

Then I spotted these two books which were next to each other, both caught my eyes so wanted to pick them up as well. I'm really happy I did because its something different for me. Hopefully if they turn out to be amazing books I will do a review on them or feature them on a favourites.

What book are you currently reading? Share it in the comments down below.

Thank you for reading,

Sleek Enchanted Forest Palette+Swatches

Sleek palettes are simply amazing and really affordable. I picked this one up because my sister showed me a picture of it and the colours were right up my street. 

Yes its called 'Enchanted Forest' and every single name is super cute!

This is the first row on the palette.
 From the first row my favourite colour has to be Drizella its just a gorgeous shade and really suits my complexion.
Bottom row: Anastasia is coming off more red but it definitely is a true purple.
Ahh its really hard to pick a favourite colour but to be honest I am really excited to use Anastasia because I've been looking for a purple eyeshadow for a long time and this has great pigment just like the rest of the colours on the palette. You have to be very careful with these eyeshadows because like I said they are all very pigmented so when picking some up to put on your eye lid start off with a little bit and work your way up to the desired look you want to achieve.

This palette is just perfection and I can't wait to experiment with it and create different looks.

Thank you for reading, share your current favourite palette down below.


FIVE things that made me happy

So I've decided to include something positive into my blog because I feel like its easy to focus on negative things that happen in life and not really appreciate the great things however small or big they are. I will try and include something like this every week even if its a short post. 

1. Spending time with family
I love spending time with my family, its very important to me. We always have a great time and have a lot of fun. 

2. Helping a stranger
I am starting to become a little more confident. I never used to speak to random strangers or interact with others, but a couple of days ago a women wasn't sure of where she was going so I helped her out. This made me really happy because seeing someone else smile for doing something so simple is the best thing ever.

3. Receiving a compliment
I don't often get compliments but when I do of course it makes me happy. I was told from a friend that my eye lashes were nice (even though I think they are pretty non existence) but I still take the compliment and that also boosts my confidence.

4. Having a Subway
I love my food so when I get hungry I'm quite moody, soo you can imagine how glad I was when I was finally able to sit down and eat my subway meal.

5. Painting my nails
Theres nothing I love more than pampering myself, I love painting my nails because I feel like it makes my fingers instantly more visually pleasing.

So these are a few things I wanted to share with you that made me happy and I hope you join me too and share what made you happy recently. Leave your comments below and make sure to also leave your blog and I would love to check it out.

Thank you,

Mini Haul

So recently I picked up a few things and decided to create a haul blog post. 

I placed an order at feelunique because I saw this embryolisse cream that I've been wanting to try for the longest time and it was also reduced so had to put that into my basket. Now my brow game is totally not on point, I've found that I hate the way they look when I fill them in, it just looks muddy?! It's really annoying and frustrating so was on a hunt for a good brow product, eventually decided to pick up the Rimmel brow kit as I heard a lot of good stuff about it (I will hopefully let you guys know how I get on with both products).

Moving on to nail products, finding the perfect shade of grey is so difficult. I mean I've been searching for one for ages and I am very fussy to be honest but I found this nail varnish from essence in the shade 53 Rock my world and really liked it. It dries pretty fast and has a thick brush which I like.
Poundland nail varnishes are amazing so I popped in there again to have a browse and decided to pick up the base and top coat and I'm really excited to try that out.

Never knew Ikea had stationary, not a big section but still had cute things so I picked up this notebook. Sticking to the grey theme I went into Oliver Bonas last week and fell in love with this card holder, its the cutest thing ever and really happy I purchased it.
And last but not least had to order earphones as mine broke so decided to purchase the JVC ones.

Thank you for reading,


What's In My Make Up Bag

I'm not the type of person that would carry a ton of make up products around with me on a daily basis. I wanted to share with you some of the things I carry with me if I was perhaps going to an occasion or an event and just needed to touch up. 

Starting off with my current favourite mascara, the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I've been loving this for quite some time, its perfect for lengthening and giving a bit of volume. If you have not tried this for some reason I highly suggest you do!

Bobbi brown face touch up stick concealer is just an essential for whenever I need some coverage on my face or if my concealer has slid off for some reason, its perfect as its my skin tone and is very easy to work with. 

Next up the sleek eyebrow pencil. Man I love this so much, I love that it has a spooly on one end and then the pencil on the other, the shade I have is in 'dark' and is great for me. I would suggest you be light handed with this and build it up. The best part is you don't have to sharpen it, just twist it up.

As for lip products I do carry a few 'just in case'. Starting off with the lip liner which is the natural collection one in 'cinnamon'. Then I have the Manhattan matte lip cream which is light but with the lip liner and the lipstick it works great and is long lasting. The lipstick I carry is the Revlon one in mink which is a great nude for us darker skin women. 

Of course not forgetting Carmex. Need this everywhere I go. 

That is all I carry in my make up bag, what do you carry in yours?

Thank you,